Reben Earrings

Reben Earrings

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A modern touch to the statement earrings without compromising on elegance, these gold, and brilliant-cut white diamond earrings are a perfect match for an evening ensemble.

Product Details

  • 18kt Gold
  • Brilliant-cut Diamonds
  • Lemon Topaz


The vine has come a long way in symbolic history as it has been used to symbolize various things; from temporal blessing to strength, determination, endurance, survival, and progress among others over time. It gives, symbolizes and teaches us several lessons which can be applied to our daily lives. But when we look at them they create a sort of confusion and make us puzzled about their beginnings and endings. Inspired from progressive vines, Latique designed a breathtaking pair of earrings with meticulous craftsmanship which makes the viewer puzzled about the intricacy of the piece.